Filtering by Progress Count in the Portfolio Item tree returns Portfolio Items that have a matching count number in either Remaining Count and/or Completed Count. For instance, if I filter by "7", the result will have Portfolio Items that have a remaining count of 7 and/or a completed count of 7. The usability can be improved if you would consider splitting this into 2 filters; Progress Count Remaining and Progress Count Completed. This is especially helpful now that you gave us the ability to filter numeric fields by empty/not empty. The use case I am thinking of specifically would be the ability to filter by Portfolio Items with no progress count (because there are no complete PBIs yet) or the opposite, filter by only Portfolio Items that have completed BPIs. Is there a way to do this currently? One reason I want to do this filter is because it is very difficult to get our POs to keep Portfolio Item statuses correct manually. If we can filter by Portfolio Items that have positive progress count but have a status of <none>, we can rapidly detect and correct the Portfolio Item statuses. That is just one usecase, there are probably others I can come up with. I think the value of this filter is less about filtering by specific number and more about Empty, Not Empty, Great than X, Less than X.