When Team Rooms are set to encompass the top level of a project tree "planning level", it would be helpful for the filters for these 3 boards to have a filter by project (specifically the child projects that the room encompasses). Currently I can display the project name/level on the cards, but I cannot filter by them. We purposely create the team rooms at the top of the project tree to make sure all child projects are accessible, because teams may need to sprint items in more than one child project within a given sprint, so we do not want them to be missed. But in some cases the team may want to apply a filter to zero-in on a specific sub project temporarily, which is not possible unless you create a seperate team room at the scope level, which seems wasteful. If I can apply a project filter to the storyboard, at least there is a visual indicator that a filter is applied, so that I remember to remove it to make sure the rest of my sprint contents from other sub projects are not missed during the sprint. I would also like to be able to group the story board by project but that is a seperate idea submitted elsewhere on here.