I would like to see and expand/manipulate Features connected to a team put into the backlog of their Kanban team room area. As an O&M team, we support multiple projects and need a way to contain the backlog user stories into their specific projects where the team can see it.

If the teams' user stories associated with a Feature can be seen/contained in one Feature folder in the backlog then I could expand to see the associated user stories assigned to that team. I know Tasks are supposed to be set up under stories for task containment, but our ‘projects’ (features) are server refreshes etc, which are too big to have as a single user story (one sprint). Allowing us to see the Feature and expand it to user stories in the backlog would allow us to select a ‘feature’ project and pull user stories onto the board from it.

This would also help to find the correct feature to place new backlog stories under it as the connection linking a story to its feature would be apparent.