MyHome->MyDashboard has a very limited set up reports that can be included, so it has limited utility in creating custom dashboards. This idea is to make the full suite of built in reports available for users to select in creating their own custom dashboards. This would streamline the otherwise time consuming process of creating the reports individually.


  • Agreed. In particular the timescale associated with the canned reports should be modifiable. The defaults are tied to project creation/start date. When that date is wrong (for whatever reason) correcting that date does not seem to be recognized by the reports. Example: create a project with a start date of 1/1/2008, see the release burndowns and estimate trends type reports. Modify project to start date of 10/1/2010. View dashboard again--still stuck with 1/1/2008 date.

  • I agree with Craig. Currently My Dashboard is pretty useless to the majority of dashboard users wanting to tune it for their specific roles, particularly for stakeholders wanting a high level view of progress during a project (or projects).

  • I would love to have access to the new Velocity Trend Planned vs Actual report on this. So I can have a single view of all the project work burn down charts and also see if we are delivering on what we commit to deliver.

  • It would be great if we could add the Release Forecast Report as well. We are trying to track the progress of various projects and with various conditions and being able to set up multiple what-if scenarios in a dashboard would be helpful.

  • Please consider including on the dashboard a way to view all of the requests that I have generated. I create requests to other teams, but do not have an easy way to view all of the requests that I created. I would like to see a panel on my dashboard where I can easily see all of the requests I have opened and the status of each item.

  • I also like this idea. In particular, I would love to be able to view these 10 reports one one dashboard:
    1. Member Load Trend
    2. Sprint Burndown
    3. Workitem Trend
    4. Current Member Load
    5. Detail Estimate by Sprint
    6. Scope Change
    7. Project/Release Roadmap
    8. Backlog Group Roadmap
    9. Member Actuals
    10. Estimation Accuracy

  • I would like to see Defects - Roll Up choice similar to Stories and Issues in the Dashboard. Stories without defects given an incomplete picture especially at the high level view like the Dashboard.