How do I do a request to have the Version One color scheme altered?
The new color scheme really messes with my dyslexia and changing it to the dark scheme is only slightly better. This is a disability issue more than anything else for me and is already impacting my work.

What I would like is a way to choose the color scheme (like we can choose the fonts from a list), or at least allow us to choose the new or classic color schemes. The classic (red) scheme did not give me problems so I would be fine with that, but I need a darker schema and more contrast than what we have with the blue so I can work without the strain, headaches, and issues that the light blue schema gives me. We have the Ultimate Edition Scrum Winter 2020 ( version.


  • I agree, and wish there was another option. The light scheme is too light and hard to see some items, the dark scheme is too dark at times. I wish there was an in between option or a third option.

  • totally agree, it is hard to distinguish the letters, light is too light, dark is too dark. bring on some other colors.

  • Yeah, the color scheme needs to be customizable just like the font.