As A Scrum Master
I Want only team members to be shown on the TeamBoard
and I Want to control who is shown at the top of the TeamBoard
So that I can efficiently manage daily stand-ups

As a RTE or Program Member
I Want to have a personally configurable list of hyperlinks to all the TeamBoards on the release train
and I DO NOT Want to automatically show up on the Top TeamBoard for those teams when I configure the links
So that I can select the Menu Team> and under the TeamRooms menu, link any of my chosen TeamBoards


  • You can do this by managing the membership of the TeamRoom. You don't have to add everyone to the TeamRoom to access the TeamRoom. And just bookmark the TeamRooms in your browser, try creating a folder within your bookmarks and add your TeamRooms to that bookmark list.

    Please don't add more complexity to the product.