Roadmap flexibility: Would it be possible to add Project and Child Project as a filter for Interval (Columns) and then have the date or qrt be the identifier for deliverable time frame? Often as a PM I need to provide a strategic plan for my product to customers or vendor partners and this view is much easier to explain since my Child Project is the Service Pack Release: Example would be Project = Product and Child Project = Service Pack Release number. Our Dev Cycle and Releases are based on Yearly QTRs so the dates are still import to display on the roadmap, just not a primary sort. Having the column header lets the audience know what Service Pack they can expect functionality and the Release Date puts a time frame on the deliverable.

We've purchased the Ultimate Version but because of this limitation I am still using Roadmunk as my roadmap tool.......that's not what I want to continue to do. Thoughts on the possibility or if anyone else has ask for this? I would be happy to demostrate what I get from Roadmunk or show our setup in VersionOne for our products.