As a VersionOne Administrator, I think it would be valuable to enhance the functionality of tag management in the following ways to make the feature even more usable and to enable analysis of what users are creating for tags (generally, most VersionOne 'member roles (such as 'Team Member') can create a tag so tag proliferation could become a challenge.

a) Provide a count of Tags. On many list views in VersionOne, a count of the number of items is provided. For example: 1-200 of 257, but not on Tags.

b) Ability to Export - on many list views, there is the ability to export, but not on Tags. An export would be helpful in analyzing how people are using or sometimes not using fully fields already in existence. For example, tagging a story for Product when there is already a Product field (is this a workspace issue? a short-fall in the values on the Product drop-down list? a training opportunity?)

c) Ability to un-remove a tag. An existing tag can be removed but not re-activated. In other areas of VersionOne, a deleted item can be restored, a value can be archived or revived, etc, but not for tags.

d) Increase the number of Tag values displayed - depending on the browser zoom level you use, you are likely only to be able to view 5 - 10 Tags at a time, unlike other lists where the user can increase the number of values displayed on a 'page' (up to 200). And unlike other ist pages, the frame used for the display of Tags seems to consume about 2/3 of the screen so more scrolling is required.