On a given page, a user should be able to view the sum of the estimates at the bottom of the Estimates column


  • Would be good to also give a running total for all selected items. Check a few checkboxes in a grid and somewhere you can see their estimate total.

  • This would be very helpful, especially in the member planning page too. Instead, people are counting up points manually and we make mistakes.

  • It would be great to have this sum of estimâtes in the backlog and epic grids when using filters on these grids.

  • Using the banner bar across the top of the page would be great as well. V1 could provide counts of items, Not Started - In-Progress, Completed numbers, and always, Total Points in current view. The counter totals and the paging controls are fine, but there is lots of room on the left and right that could be very valuable.

  • Similar to the current threshold feature, have another threshold where a user can set an estimation limit CAP per swimlanes.

  • How about at the top? In a non-scrolling header?