We would like to have a Sprint board very similar to the existing Program Board but showing Backlog items in stead of Portfolio items.

That means Columns for each sprint and the backlog items placed in columns accordingly.
You must be able to select team you want to see, but it is also important that you can select to show items in swimlanes as Portfolio item. You will need to combine them so you select team X and for all userstories they are placed in swimlanes for portfolio item.

You should be able to drag and drop btw sprints

We would also like to have dependency shown (and the possibility to turn it on/off).

This would be very helpful in our PI and Sprint Planning as this will give us a visual overview. The current Sprint scheduling can only be used related to resources (overbooking) so currently the overview is done by postit which is time consuming


  • Thank you for sharing. Your blog post is interesting and informative. I think many people like it and visit it often, including me.