When I go to Admin > Asset Customization > Custom Fields...on the far right reads "Add Field" with a downward arrow next to it. I hover over it and it highlights to appear as a button. At this point, I know of it as only a button.

When I click on the Add Field button, only the Field window appears where I can add field types that have nothing to do with dropdown lists. When I add a new field, it appears in the area where that little Add Field downward arrow is pointing. I had no clue that if I had hovered over that little arrow that the Add Field button actually served as a button to add a custom field AND an access to additional dropdown menu options.

It's also confusing b/c I’m in the Custom Fields window, the button is titled Add Fields, and there’s a whole separate Custom List Types area where I’m creating and publishing custom lists that’s set up very similar to the Custom Fields page so I assumed they worked the same. It’s not intuitive that after creating a custom dropdown menu, I would have to go to Custom Fields and hover of a tiny arrow on a Add Fields button to make the Add Dropdown option appear.

Suggestion: If a custom dropdown field has to be added in the Custom Fields area…can a note be added to the Custom List Types page noting those steps? Then on the Custom Fields page could the Add Field button be changed to Add Field Type with a note right above it stating that the button serves two purposes? Something to make it more obvious of the dual-functionality would be potentially helpful to others like myself.