As an enterprise organization where product releases comprise on many individual products, we have the need to filter and report by collection/groups of teams that can be matrixed across multiple releases and multiple Portfolio Items within releases. These groupings could be by products, business segments, location, initiatives, etc. Currently many reports are designed to give you "All Teams", "No Teams" or a specific team; for example project burndowns. We need a way to define custom grouping of teams and be able to apply this parameter ideally in any place in the UI that has a team filter/aggregation setting.


  • I agree. I got feedback from our Portfolio Director on this. We could use a lot of native reporting and score cards much more effectively if we had more parameters to group other than just teams. A few examples:

    Multiple teams may be working on one epic. I need to be able to group them by initiative for reporting purposes (maybe a nesting feature, similar to backlog groups).

    Also, team rooms should be multi-select, as some are "shared services" and others are feature teams. I should be able to set up a room for multiple teams either permanently or temporarily.