New UI released today 9/3/19, has introduced color transition animations when an option gets a mouse over or click. This I find very distracting on an already low contrast UI (There is another idea on improving contrast). Please allow users to have a high contrast, no animations UI. I feel the animations will be more distracting, the more you use them. Please consider removing animations altogether or providing an option to disable it.

Additionally, the loading indicator slows down reading a page. I feel the new UI is much slower than the old one. Kindly look at that too.



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  • I agree! The animations are very distracting and the low contrast is a strain on my eyes.

  • The animations cause me to feel vertigo, and it is difficult to get my tasks updated. I am contemplating a lawsuit against VersionOne for not addressing this issue. If I can get enough people, we can make it a class-action lawsuit. Please post here if you are interested.