The new UI that was recently implemented, has horrible contrast ratios on the light theme, to the point that it is difficult to use and painful to the eyes of even those with good eyesight. You should either allow people to revert to the previous theme, or improve the contrast ratio to make it easier to differentiate the boxes and make it easier to read.

This would make the experience more enjoyable for everyone and easier to use.


  • I agree with David! Bring back the "old" UI, it has a better contrast and is easier to see your data. The dark theme isn't much better than the light theme.

  • Specifically, make the colors of the burndown chart more distinctive. With the dark blue on the dark gray background it took a while for me to realize that V1 had not removed the "Ideal" line.

  • The new color "themes" - light and dark, are near impossible to use in a group setting. All the color differences are so subtle that they're difficult to see for anyone, much less color blind employees that rely on contrast to differentiate colors. You can't use the burndown on standup dashboard with the dark setting because the ideal line is too dark.

  • Both dark and light themes have lost color and contrast. Feeling alienated by my daily driver tool today...

  • Where we used to have an eye-catching red alert triangle on blocks, it is now just an outlined icon lost in the field of all other icons. When there is a problem (block), I want every opportunity to notice that when looking at team boards.

  • Please this is really annoying! begin fixing the taskboard and the description field of PBI's. All my colleagues are complaining.

  • I absolutely agree! Myself as well as all my coworkers are getting terrible headaches from the new colors. Please Please add a button to revert back to the original colors. This is just terrible!!

  • I am very concerned that no options for the new UI has been forth coming. Can you please make the previous version available. This is extremely difficult to work with. I get a headache daily due to these bright colors and the dark isn't much better!!

  • Can someone from VersionOne comment on this? An acknowledgement of the issue would be nice.

  • We are actively investigating ways to improve contrast and help those who are experiencing issues. The other items being discussed here (color on charts and the loss of icon colors) are also being addressed.