Congratulations Team on rolling out the new interface, its sleek.
Now in the new interface, the issues on the storyboard are not highlighted. Earlier, the issues used to be in the red exclamation mark, now (in the non-dark mode or light mode) they just take the background color. Its a small ask/change however does have a bigger impact on users.


  • Please address this - Thanks

  • My teams are very dissatisfied with the coloring now showing up on the task board and the fonts on stories/Defects.

  • Everyone I've talked with does not like the new coloring on the taskboard. Makes it hard to immediately determine which type of task each on is. And with the Dev type task being same color as backround, not user friendly. And with Blocks on Stories now being same color as background, hard to catch.

  • I completely agree with the need to highlight the issue icon in the new UI. If something is blocked or impeded, isn't the goal to make it as visible as possible so that it draws attention to the need to remove it? The icon or the whole card should be lit up brightly to show that it is in a blocked or impeded state. The new UI does completely the opposite and almost hides the fact that there is an issue on the card at all. I would strongly urge you to change this ASAP!

  • I dislike the coloring on only the top left-hand corner, the lack of contrast with the color choices (at least in the light theme), and the owners' names seem to be of smaller font size.

  • The coloring is quite difficult to decipher. I already had a hard time with the old coloring system due to colorblindness. I don't even bother checking what color the tasks are because this new system is so hard to read.

  • I thought I was the only one who felt that the new theme/color scheme is difficult. Glad, there are more users who feel the same. The dark mode is super fluorescent. Would like to add that as well to my initial post.

  • In the meantime of this fix, I am removing the 'lightest' class from the task colors, which makes the color scheme a lot easier to decipher.

  • The task colors are an essential part of making daily standups quick and efficient, the little tab of color in the corner is not enough to immediately recognize the task type. The font change has also made reading the taskboard more difficult. With the scrum team all looking at a projector/big screen, it’s too small to see the owners name as we go down the board. The visual interruptions of colors fading in and out or shading changing/sliding with mouse moves across the navigation bar is extremely distracting. I also tried dark theme and the contrast is even worse and harder to read. In dark theme, the owners are practically invisible and pastel task type colors are indistinguishable from each other.

  • Please Highlight Blocked Stories/Defects . This is very important, as it is more visible.

  • The lack of contrast in task colors is a major issue for our team. We have stand up meetings that are only ten minutes, so quickly skimming the board is a necessity. Either the color tabs on the corner need to be more distinguished, brighter, etc. or the whole task needs to be colored instead of the tab the way the old layout was. Also, the font change has been hard to overcome. The sizing of the owners is almost too small to be legible, and the font itself is difficult to look at for long periods of time.

  • I have to agree that the lack of contrast on the board is very straining to the eye.

  • I dislike the new task color, need an old task color back please.

  • I agree 100% with the eye strain issues due to to font size and task color.

  • Another issue is with text within Description boxes not wrapping to fit the box. It just scrolls out to the rightside of the box.

  • The new color scheme is very bright, it is very hard to distinguish between the different types of tasks on the taskboard at first glance. Also, inside the tasks, the light blue, grey, and white is very hard to see. Everything runs together.

  • We really need Blockers to be highly visible on the board, red preferably. It helps to readily identify them.

  • Question for Version One: Is anyone considering action on this concern (pretty widespread it appears)? If so, any chance you could respond and indicate what your plans are? If the plans are 'yeah, we're not going to do anything' then just let us know that. Would be nice to let my team know what the plans are for a platform that just made them less satisfied due to an upgrade. I'm guessing others are wanting to know as well and would appreciate less of a black hole of communications. Thanks.

  • I agree. The new color schemes are a step backwards.

  • The new interface is bland and homogenized, and it lacks the contrast for things to be quickly and clearly differentiated.

  • Color was restored to the blocking item indicator in a point release.