Our road-maps include projects containing multiple Epics that other PM teams base their timelines on. They treat our child Epics as milestones.

Currently the only way to show them progress is to go to the road map and expand the parent Epic, zoom in, scroll, etc to get a nice pretty picture (screen shot for them).

An export of the roadmap to PDF just shows the default page-load view: zoomed-way out (instead of 'fit to page) and parent Epic collapsed. A published road-map is the same thing with no ability to expand the Epic.

Requesting a number of items:

[] Saved view of a road-map should save the state of the Epics (collapsed or expanded)
[] Saved view of a road-map should save the zoom level
[] Roadmap controls should include a 'fit to page' because left-right scrolling by hand is a pain and the left-right navigation scroll bars usually scroll to far one way or the other
[] When exporting to PDF, the export should be the exact same as what is currently displayed
[] When publishing a road-map it should be the saved view to include zoom-level, collapsed or expanded parent Epics, etc.


  • Being able to zoom on a published roadmap is important because we cannot even read what is on the roadmap in some cases without the ability to zoom on the layout.

  • I also have similar issues preparing executive-style write-ups. The way V1 presents information is very good for my purposes, but the above request will make it easier to work with and use.