If features are aligned under a Program-Epic within the same project, they do no show when looking at the Kanban view.


  • If the child Portfolio Item is of a different type, you can expose it, but filtering the board to that child item's type. It become more problematic if the nested Portfolio Items are of the same type at the same planning level. It seems the best way to avoid this problem is not nest portfolio Items at the same planning level at all. I have not been able to keep product ownership from doing this, so I run into this all the time, causing the children Portfolio Items to go unnoticed and therefore not statused correctly. At a minimum, it would be good if there was at least a way to indicate that the Portfolio Item on the Kanban Board has children Portfolio Items under them at the same level or lower planning levels, maybe change the card shape to make it obvious? Ultimately I would love to have the option to prohibit children Portfolio Items from being in the same level as its parent, even if they are a different type, that way no Portfolio Item gets neglected providing you pay attention to the kanban board at each planning level regularly.