More and more, we're using VersionOne outside of R&D. Our IT group has started using it, which is great because now we can easily associate their work to the work of R&D.

I was talking with someone from the Marketing department about using VersionOne to track their work. They have a physical Kanban board which is duplicated in Asana. They were very reluctant to move away from Asana because it has a killer feature which they rely on extensively: Cards in Asana can be created by submitting a Google Form.

This functionality of Asana is critical to our Marketing department because many of the people who make requests do so rarely. The requestors do not want to take the time to learn how to navigate VersionOne to make a monthly or quarterly Marketing request. The Marketing team also likes the Google Forms integration because it allows them to restrict values in certain fields ("level of urgency"), provide additional context in their team's language, and hide a lot of the internals from the people who make requests.

If VersionOne had the ability to create stories based on an email sent from Google Forms, we would buy more VersionOne licenses to enable the people in Marketing (and their requestors from across our company!) to manage their work using VersionOne.

Note that this idea is similar to but we don't want to initiate the workflow from Outlook. We want to be able to send an email to an address (via a Google Forms submission) and, from that email, create a new workitem.