We get a lot of requests to add new user accounts when in many cases, the users are deactivated. It appears that when a user is deactivated only the System Admins can tell (strikethrough the user account name and information). It seems it would be very helpful if at least Project Admins and Project Leads could also see that users (in their TeamRooms, etc) are deactivated. How would help? If someone requests a new user account to be created, e manually open the dialog to add a user and fill in all the information and try to save it. If the user is deactivated, it won't let you add them. So, for each request to add a new user, we first have to select Deactivated Users and then search for the user's account. So, allowing at least Project Admins and Project Leads (who do most of the requesting) would reduce the System Admins work load. When you get 30+ requests a day, this can add up.


  • I really like this idea. It could be quite helpful for https://ipayzz.com/visa/ where it is very useful for admins. Thanks for sharing!