When one presses the keyboard combination Ctrl+Z, a whole chunk of text and images gets wiped out and not just the previous action, thoroughly confusing one as to where in the process the user is.

Is there any way you could make Version One behave more like MS Word?


  • Doesn't the key combination work the same way? I used it in my assignments, playing at casino real money clickandbuy on the site https://ipayzz.com/click-and-buy/ . Therefore, I think you are confusing something.

  • I frequently use Ctrl+Z in many applications. V1 has taken undo to an extreme and undoes everything, not just the last change. I have lost work this way several times.

    Ctrl+Z gets to be a habit so it would be nice if applications, regardless of vendor, were consistent with it.

    Ctrl+Z = undo last change (e.g., whatever I last typed after last navigation):
    For example, in use acceptance criteria (or description)
    1. Type a few lines.
    2. move the pointer, using the mouse or arrow keys
    3. Type a line
    4. Press Ctrl+Z (or click undo icon)
    5. V1 removes last typed line; lines in step 1 remain as is.

    To make things worse, redo isn't enabled after undo so my only option is to re type everything.

    And also to make things worse, if I make some changes, click outside the field, then click inside the field, make some more changes, and press Ctrl+Z it undoes ALL changes. The only way to avoid it, that I have found, is to close the story/defect and open it again to prevent an Undo mistake.

    V1 has some really nice features, but it seems to be severely lacking in the user experience area. Humans are creatures of habit and when something works differently between applications (again, regardless of vendor), they get annoyed (or worse).

    There are basic things that should be the same, like bold, italic, underline, undo, redo, copy, paste.

  • IMHO this is a bug.

    There's another issue for this which as of 2020-01-07 is "over a year old": https://ideaspace.versionone.com/default/Idea/Detail/2876

    And for the record (since dates in this UI are obfuscated), this was originally opened around June 2019.