I see a lot of requests on here for adding different types of notifications. It would be a lot more useful to be able to create our own notifications. For instance when a certain field is updated or a certain custom filed is updated. The notifications currently are just too generic but you can't code a notification for everything everyone wants so why not give them the ability to create their own?


  • The current generic notifications do not support excellent communications when fields of interest are not included for automated email notifications. For example, our systems engineering group relies on changes to the Feature Description field which we use to post questions and answers. Not having an automated notification requires us to manually check back in the feature, which often can be days later, resulting in a loss of time and efficiency.

    I have worked with Atlassian JIRA that is a more basic system than VersionOne, but it did allow email notifications on all the fields in the form. I would recommend retaining the current canned notification options but allow users to select other fields of interest to bets suit their needs.

  • Another simpler approach could be to add a "Watch Feature" button to Notifications Page. It's more intuitive to come to the Notifications Page to do email notifications. It would be helpful if a brief explanation what Watch Feature does when the user mouses over that button.

  • One missing Notification is when Backlog Items are added under a Portfolio Item.

  • The email notifications that come have in subject the story id only. If we can configure to add story title too. It will be very helpful.

  • Notification setup based on field is going to be necessary for our business to operate efficiently.

  • We would like to be able to base notifications on Saving a backlog item. Or be able to create a custom field and then base notifications on that field. We use templates to create our backlog items and team members use the Story Created event for notifications. However, when using a template, all they receive is an email with generic template info and the backlog item number, because the story has not been written yet. We would like the notification to include the title and description of the new backlog item when using a template. There is currently no way to do that. Thank you.

  • We use notifications for our customer support team, so when a new Product Backlog Item is created, they are aware a bug was found in our product. However, because we use templates to create the PBI, and the notification is sent on creation, the subject of the notification is the template information and not the actual title that is saved with the PBI. We need to be able to send this notification when the PBI is saved instead of when it is created, so our users will see the actual title. The way it works today, they need to click on the notification and open the application to see what the backlog is about. Thanks.

  • This issue may also be related to https://ideaspace.versionone.com/default/Idea/Detail/444