Good conversation was had in the following idea, but the solution may not have been clear in the Summary Title.

Option 1 - Highest priority

This particular idea is for VersionOne enhancement to create a new asset type for "Bug". This allows lower environment bugs to be created/managed/reported it's own separate asset from Defects (which are reserved for production defects).

Other Agile tools enable this, and VersionOne is so robust I am surprised of the limitation!

Option 2 - Medium priority
VersionOne may consider allowing administrators only to create and manage their own asset types for their instance.


  • Agree. We also think this is high priority and Option 1 or 2 would work for us.

    1. As another use case, consider that if you use a 3rd party test tool, then findings during a Sprint could be mapped to Asset Type = Bug. If you have a 3rd part test tool, then you may not be able to easily map to a failed test case as suggested in ideaspace #662.

    2. We have an awkward workaround for this type of situation - we create a Defect and select Type = Bug, also suggested in ideaspace #662. This works to some extent, but it wrecks havoc with reporting & metrics.