The font for comments on the conversation panel should be defaulted to a non-san-serif.

We never know if we are typing a capital I or a lower case l. Code and projects have a lot of those.


  • We agree.

    As an awkward workaround, I use this Chrome extension
    - It can be used to fix the I l issue by forcing a different font.
    - This particular extension allow you to force a *site-specific* different font - that is, if you want to adjust the font on VersionOne and not on all other webpages.
    - This extension will also allow you to normalize the font size, which is useful for example if you don't want the Story Title to be much larger than the description font.
    - This extension (and all the similar ones I found) breaks the *icons* in the text editing toolbar in the Description box for a Story/Defect
    - for VersionOne representative reference, here's the related support ticket #40111