A Product Owner who wants to maintain an overview of the Functional components of a System can use Backlog Groups (This is useful because it's a Product/Application/System based approach over Project, and lives on after Project have been closed).

Its a conflict that Backlog Groups have a Planning Level, because Planning levels are most often used for Organization, Projects and Releases, and there can be many of these related to a Product.

Therefore, I'd like to be able to choose a "Program" in the "Planning Levels" Field on a Backlog Group. I would administer this by creating a program for each Product, and add all Projects (Planning Level items) related to a Product to the Product's Program.

This is useful, as it enables me to have a Product Map which lives on after the Projects which financed the creation of the Product have been closed (when all of it's backlog items are delivered)

I'd like to be able to use the Backlog Group feature to find all functionality related to a Product, independently of Project, and for example be able to create Regression Test Suites for a Functional Area.