When using a Project Workspace, teams can define custom statuses for Portfolio Items. However, there’s currently not a way to display Portfolio Kanban and Roadmaps by Rollup Categories so it shows all the project workspace statuses.

Would love to be able to view portfolio level information by the roll up or reporting categories when needed.


  • Yes! We like that teams have the ability to customize statuses to make sense for their space, but when aggregated at higher levels of the organization, it gets pretty messy. You've already built the perfect mechanism in Rollup Category to handle this, now we just need it to be available in more places. You already have it on Scorecards where there are Portfolio Item Detail (based on Status) and Portfolio Item Summary (Rollup Category) views, which is great. Some more that I can think of off the top of my head:

    -Add the ability to show/hide statuses on portfolio kanban boards. Hiding would then just group by the Rollup Category, and show everything in those three columns.

    -Color By Rollup Category on Roadmaps. Coloring by Status when there are lots of statuses leads to what one of our POs called a "jellybean jar" that doesn't provide value.

  • Would be very helpful and support wider adoption through leadership levels if the rollup had this functionality!