We are suddenly no longer able to drag and drop tasks between swim lanes on the storyboard. What changed and how can we get that functionality back?



  • Yes please. Not only are we unable to drag and drop tasks between the swim lanes, we also can't drag and drop to change priority within the same area. It is a super annoying feature loss.

  • While using the dropdown to change the status of one task is doable, this technique is just not efficient for updating multiple tasks at once, or for re-prioritizing stories within our queues. Please fix this!

  • Info - this functionality is coming back this weekend - it is marked as a defect


  • I believe this is fixed now. At least it is working for us. Thank you.

  • Still not working on the Task Board for us.

  • They do have a fix that can be applied now, or just wait until Saturday for the update in regular update applied.