I have a change request to the program board, which I hope you can help me solve.

We have a need to be able to filter on the program board, for us to be able to show less and various information on the board.
Most importantly, we want to exclude all the features/stories that does not contain dependencies, so we can use it as a dependency board - without all the surrounding noise from features that does not have any dependencies.
In current version of VersionOne it is not possible for us to show the entire board on a big screen and hence we cannot really use it, because it would require way to much scrolling up and down. By filtering out the features without dependencies the view would be much more compact and provide a better overview which we would be able to show on a big screen.

Solving these changes would help tremendously in our daily work, working with SAFe.


  • I agree with Christian. I think this will be very helpful for most customers that is using VersionOne.

  • In addition, filter on overlapping or broken dependencies to focus on those dependencies needing attention. For large organizations with large mid-range plans it gets very tedious scrolling through everything in the Program Board.

  • I also am interested in being given the option of displaying only those backlog items and features that actually have dependencies assigned to them.

  • That is, portfolio items and backlog items...