As a team member I would like to track my time from the team room and have that time be assigned to different days other than current day so that I can accurately report multiple days of work without having to use the Timesheet view.

Currently several of my team members use the Timesheet view to track their time for the simple fact that we don’t often track our time every day but we do want to track what day the time was worked accurately. If the Track option popup window had a mini 7 day calendar for this one task next to each owners name with an arrow that allow us to change the week then we could accurately track our time to the day without having to rely on the Timesheet view that we don’t like to use as much.

For a simple example I spent the last 3 days working on one big task and at the end of that 3rd day I want to move the task from “In Progress” to “Complete” and update my time for the last three days. My default Version One link is the team room because I can do almost everything here. I would like to simply drag and drop the task to the “Complete” status and hit Track to enter 24 hours spread evenly over the last three days on this task. I currently cannot do that.

Several of us find it easier to navigate the team room to manage all our stories, task, statuses, and time. It would be great if every time I wanted to update time on a task for any other day than the current day that I didn’t have to open another view, and search for everything differently.