As a team member I want the time entry field to not force the entry of a 0 when I clear a time sheet entry so that I do not have to do something that the application should be smart enough to do for me.

If I enter time on a task in the Timesheet view and that time gets saved to the task. Then I remove the time from that task on that day, the view currently highlights the field in a red outline and I cannot click anywhere else in the view or do anything else until I enter a valid numeric number into the field. At the bottom of the screen it shows the error message “Please enter a non-negative number.”. The field is null, not negative. For my sake, the application should be smart enough such that I can null out a field and click somewhere else and the field should save the time entry to be null just like I never entered anything for that date in the first place. I don’t see why I should have to enter and save a 0 entry.