As a SCRUM Master, I make a sprint commitment at the beginning of a sprint but will inevitably pull more stories in throughout the sprint. When the sprint ends, I need to determine whether the stories that are carried over are the stories that were originally planned stories or if they are new ("unplanned") stories. Currently, only tasks can be marked as "unplanned" by setting the source attribute, but the stories' source attribute selections do not have this option. I would suggest either adding a new attribute for stories, or adding some kind of marker depicting whether stories were added to a spring once it was already underway.


  • I like your idea.
    The workaround for now - The source field list values can be edited. So even for a story and defects you can add "planned" and "unplanned" in the source drop-down.

  • Possible another workaround is using the TAG field for unplanned work for a Sprint.