The Spring 2018 release added the ability to quickly add an item to any kanban board via a little green plus button at the bottom of each column. Although nice feature, if you have any required fields in your instance for those items, the feature will fail because the UI does not present the required fields, such as Type, Source etc. The request would be that this quick-add be made smart enough to present the required fields along with the title, or hide the quick-add button in these cases to reduce user frustration.


  • FYI: this issue exists in other places with quick edit, such as the in-line edit from the work item, pop-up view, which does not enforce cross-field edits and required fields.

    For example, when two work levels have different status values defined and status is made a required field, quick-edit to move a work item from one work level to another can clear the status field without notification of the system-created error: empty required field.

  • The Quick Add functionality on boards now opens a create modal allowing you to set any required fields.