Over the years a lot of data accumulates:
Closed projects
Closed backlog items
Closed tasks & tests
Audit trail information ("history")
Archived messages

It would probably help performance, speed of backups etc. if this old information could selectively be purged/archived.


  • there needs to be an option to archive/purge data. we have too much data, too many closed projects and it is impacting performance. Please build this feature into versionone.

  • I agree with Eva. I don't know how much performance would be improved (and anything is welcome), but given the restrictions that VersionOne places on changes once projects, sprints, sprint schedules, etc. are established, it would help to be able to remove really old data that might conflict with a new way of working with the tool. We're trying to group Backlog Items into subprojects, but work them from a single Sprint. However, we have existing (and conflicting) Sprint schedules. The only way to reassign the Sprint schedules is to empty or remove the existing Sprints, which means removing the existing (although closed) Backlog Items. Archiving these subprojects would go a long way toward assuring us that potentially valuable information wouldn't be lost.

  • having timeouts in ETL job for data warehouse because of amounts of data accumulated over more than 5 years. Having a way to archive data would have helped to improve usability of the system

  • Purging/archival of the old files in version one is very much required to keep up with the space and performance issues. Please do consider incorporating this into Version One.

  • As a product owner I would like to hide some closed items while still being able to see others so that I manage the backlog and see recently closed objects while not cluttering my views with things that I will not be looking for anytime soon. I do not want to delete old closed objects that I might need to reference in the future but the vast majority of the time I don’t want to see them.

    A very common example is that I turn on “show closed” in the epic tree so that I can see closed stories for the epics I am managing. However, “show closed” shows everything that was ever closed and this could bring it tons of closed objects that clutter up my view and make it hard for me to find what I was looking for. In this example, the view even returns the old epic hierarchy of the project which just adds to the clutter.

    I would like the option to archive closed objects which essentially adds another layer to the closed status. In order to see all archived objects there could be a show archived option in the filter.

  • +1

  • Taking care of data is a necessary thing to do. You need to make to sure that all your data is backed up and secured. You can do a Google Apps backup with the help of https://spinbackup.com/products/google-apps-backup/. A service dedicated to the protection of data.

  • I've had product support complain about the amount of data in VersionOne. We were asked to delete old info. As a bank, we can't do that.We need an archiving solution.

  • Would like to be able to archive by project.