Would love for a user to be able select to have column titles frozen (much like excel) in a grid view so that when you scroll down through multiple pages, the column titles remain visible on the page. I believe this was originally requested around 2015, have there been any changes lately that would make this more feasible now?


  • Would love this enhancement!

  • This enhancement would help us out.

  • This would be really helpful!

  • Yes, and... Perhaps add the ability to hide/show/re-order columns without the need to do so from the customize pop-up.

  • This is a duplicate of "https://ideaspace.versionone.com/default/Idea/Detail/45". If you throw your votes to that idea, this will all happen faster...

  • I'm just getting into Version1 myself and I'm shocked that this isn't in place yet.

  • This would be a significant UI user experience enhancement, especially when tracking effort at the backlog and task level, but really for any screen throughout the UI that uses the grid-type layout.

  • This was fixed at some point, but headers no longer remain frozen at the top of grid views (i.e. portfolio tree, backlog). Please bring this feature back.