Seems as if milestones could provide significantly more value if there was a way to show relationships pertaining to a milestone. From a roadmap perspective, milestones tend to be a group of Epics or Features that need to be delivered at a particular point in time. Considerable value would be added if we were able to show which portfolio items are part of a milestone much like we are able to do with Strategic Themes or any portfolio item in the tool.

Of even greater significance, once a milestone is created and relationships documented, being able to add that milestone to a roadmap and automatically include all related portfolio items would be fantastic.

Of course a related report would also be of value.


  • Inside the Roadmap I plan my Features/enablers and one burden is really to update the MVP´s in case a Feature is postphoned...really a good idea!!

  • This is a great idea. I also believe that adding Tagging to Milestones would be an alternative solve for achieving this goal. Sometimes that's a much easier relationship to set up (tag all of the proper things that I'd like to show on my Roadmap).