As a team member, I would like to see all of the features assigned to my team. To do this, I would need to be able to filter on the Target Team field in the Portfolio Tree. Currently, the only team-related fields available in the filter are related to backlog items. Not only do team members need to see which features are assigned to their team, but this is something that would be used by scrum masters, product owners, and RTEs monitoring their team's work.


  • You are able to filter by the Target Team of a Portfolio Item in the Portfolio Tree with at least v17.4.3.

  • It looks like just "Portfolio Item Team" is available but when using that filter I see Features with different Target Teams assigned. Is there another field to filter on you're thinking of?

  • We also need to use correct filters, now filters work incorrect and shows different results in the grid and roadmap views.

  • Target Team filtering is now available as a defined filter on the Portfolio Tree, the Roadmap, and the Portfolio Kanban