Often I find that scrum masters, POs and other relevant people in my organisation can forget what the numbers in the summary and breakdown part of the scorecards mean. And I think that it could easily be more user friendly with just a few words more here and there. I have taken the example of a project/program scorecard.

Summary part:
1. Total SWAG: remove the "?" by total SWAG, I would rather have a percentage for the unswagged portfolio items like you have with Work items. It is not helping with trusting this data when there is a question mark.

2. Unestimated: write "User stories" below.

3. Productivity: would be better to write "Pts/week" instead or just below.

4. Total Effort/Done: write "Hrs" below.

5. Days: write "remaining" below.

In the breakdown:
A. The "Progress" does not make sense to people. It needs to be clear that the data is for this team in this specific PI/iteration and so on. They get so confused. As there is little space to explain it by the column I have two different suggestions:
A.1. make a help text when you hover over it
A.2. explain what data that is shown just over the tabs "breakdown by:..".