As an Version One user I would like to be able to:

* Create customizable backlog item types (Such as Risk, Issue, Team Retro Task, Generic Task, Technical Task) so that I can easily track progress against different issue types.

* Select a custom icon to designate each different backlog item type so that I can clearly delineate between different item types when reviewing the list of items in my backlog.

* Create a custom workflow (steps, statuses, and transition states between statuses) for each backlog item type so that I can ensure that work get assigned to the proper resources at the proper time and that status can be tracked.

* View the swimlanes in the Taskboard as To Do, In Progress, and Done so that I can visually measure progress against all tasks (both technical and non technical) which are linked to the delivery of a User Story. No other steps in the Workflow should exist.

* Create Customized Backlog Item Types and Workflows at the individual project level so that I can easily customize my project to fit the type of status tracking I need to perform without having to change the settings for the entire company.


  • All of this functionality exists in JIRA for your reference.

  • Great ideas! We also would like listed above features!