As a VersionOne user, I want the "My Views" feature to be available everywhere in the product which supports filtering so that I can preserve/reuse my searches.

- My Views is available on every page with filters
- BONUS: a User Profile setting to allow one set of saved My Views for all contexts versus different views for different contexts (e.g. product vs portfolio vs team room, etc.)
- BONUS: My Views, saved views, has a centralized list available--like My Filters--helping me manage them better
- BONUS: My Views can be shared with other users (all or named)


  • I agree with all of these!

  • Agree...awesome feature but we cannot use it in our teamrooms. We extensively use teamrooms

  • I would expand the request to any page that has customizable columns, not just ones with filters. For example, Sprint Scheduling page has My Views in the Backlog section at the bottom, but not the "Backlog for Sprint #" section at the top. The top one allows you to customize columns, so why doesn't it have a way to save them with My Views?

  • Completely agree. We also strongly needs in the following enchantments:
    My views in the Planning Rooms
    My views in the Team Rooms

  • Are there any updates?