The current Scope Change report runs at the work item level. Our organization is interested in a similar report but at level of Portfolio Items.


  • This will be very helpful for the Program level. They usually ask the question each PI (Program Increment) which Features did we start off with at the beginning of the PI, which Features were removed from the PI and which Features were added during the PI. This Feature Scope Change would be very helpful and prevent the Program Team trying to figure this out by hand and/or trying to create a custom report to get this information.

  • Our organization also had similar need. This is really important to us.

  • It would be very helpful to have a report that shows what features were added, deleted, changed during a program increment. Additionally, we would like to see the details of each feature (what stories are included and how many points were each of those).

  • +1

  • It would be useful for the LS and ART

  • This will be very helpful for discussions with Management to show changes on Portfolio Items over time from initial creation to implementation if the SWAG is also integrated in that view.