When you copy a story, all fields are copied including the sprint and the new story falls above the old story in priority order in the product backlog. This is a problem if the story being copied is in the current sprint. People are working on the story being copied, changing remaining hours, statuses, etc. If you copy this story, you need to immediately find the new story and take out or change the sprint or people will start to update hours and statuses for the wrong story! So, please either change the Copy function to not copy the sprint, or at least to place the new story below the old (original) story in the backlog.

Whenever I copy a story (if sprint assigned or not), I immediately go to the product backlog and drag the new story down below the old story. Then you can rename it, change the sprint and do other updates.


  • Yes, please put copy below, not above. And add option to clear out all hours or clear out all tasks or both.