As a customer using VersionOne, I want the help on the community site to be complete, relevant, and accurate so I do not need to guess or log a support ticket when I cannot figure out how to use a feature, or am unclear if a behavior is a defect or "as-designed".

Acceptance criteria:
= Community site feature terminology matches the terms used in the application (e.g. Worklevel vs Project)
= Community site accurately reflects the current state of features in production, including point-releases
= Community site's search function is better indexed to match all features, attributes, and function names as currently defined in production
= Community site provides best practice information (e.g. how to organize worklevels, based upon a customer's process and org structure)
= Community site openly and transparently lists known issues and defects with the product
= Community site describes how to use all features, not just those on the primary, happy path of customers (e.g. all functions and configuration of analytics custom reporting, what data the canned Lifecycle reports represent, details of admin configuration with use case scenario walk-throughs, etc.)

Thank you for the opportunity to suggest improvements.