As a team that wants to bulk load stories, we want to import stories with Tags so we do not need to re-enter them by hand after the import.

Acceptance criteria:
= Can import zero or more Tags per work item
= Can import zero or more Tags per portfolio item
= When a new Tag is imported, it is automatically created


  • Can't you already? I've imported Regression Tests with Tags. You just add a column "TaggedWith" and then the value you desire in each row. I also wanted more than 1 tag per row, which is possible (though not intuitive). Don't put more than one value in the column or you just end up with one concatenated string. You can however include as many tag columns as you want (all with the "TaggedWith" header). It will import values for any rows where you have populated the column/s. It works fine if you don't fill provide a value for all the columns for all the rows (not required).

  • You definitely CAN do this. Simply add some columns in your import file and (just like the Owners field) use multiple columns all named "Tags" to get multiple tags in. Leave them blank for zero tags.