We need the ability to change how attachments are stored in VersionOne. Currently, the only option is to store them in the database. Due to the nature of our product, our attachment size is quite large, and as a result, the database has become bloated and slow. Ideally, we would like to specify a web server for storage instead of the database. Even better would be able to specify a cloud storage platform (Azure, Amazon S3).


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  • This would be a great idea and save us a lot of time waiting

  • Furthermore, pulling the attachments from the database causes huge memory utilization issues. Every byte of the attachment has to flow through SQL Server memory and that means that everything else has to get kicked out of memory. So basically you always have to wait for the disk drive to spin before you can read data. At one point I verified that 3/4 of the memory on our server was devoted to attachments of V1.

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