As a VersionOne team member I want to add hours to task on my timesheet without having to add hours to a task/story somewhere else before the item shows up in my time sheet so that I can efficiently enter my hours by day without having to memorize and search for all new stories in the timesheet for the first entry to be created.
I find the timesheet layout to be better for entering time than the team room and I often need to balance my time across days since I don’t always track time the day of doing something. Therefore, I would like any active story on my Kanban board to automatically be displayed in the timesheet. If story status = (In Progress, Completed) and story <> Closed then I want to see the story and task that I am assigned to so that I can add my time without having to search for these stories and task first.
I understand that not every team room / team / user works with the same status’s and uses the Kanban wall the same as I do. Therefore to make this possible, having a filter field in the timesheet might be a good solution. Allow me to set my filters as described above to see all stories/task that are assigned to me and give others the flexibility to select the filter that is important to them.