TLDR: Workitem titles can be reused across sprints, and changed within sprints. Parent ID is a stable, unique identifier that should be associated with tasks in the Effort Quicklist Report.

Audience: The current state is a nightmare for anyone exporting Version One data and attempting to join Effort Quicklist on Parent.

In the Effort Quicklist Report, the Parent field equals the title of the workitem to which the task belongs.

Multiple workitems across many sprints could have the same title and be inaccurately treated as 1.

Each time effort is updated, the Parent field reflects whatever title the workitem has at that moment. When a workitem's title is updated, that single parent is suddenly treated as 2 distinct Parents. As a result, the original workitem title cannot be associated with most reporting from Version One (where only current workitem title is captured).


  • Agreed.

  • Yes, it would be VERY helpful to have "Portfolio Item ID" as something I could add to my grid views.