When you are editing text in feature/user story, then CTR+Z shortcut should not be used for going to previous version of the user story/feature and discard all current changes.

V1 provides us with editing feature, therefore, when you are editing text of the feature/user story you expect that CTR+Z would revert your last changes in terms of changed text but not reverting all changes in comparison with previous version of the user story/feature and discard these changes.


  • I'm really not sure what Ctrl-Z is doing when editing the inline description, but I can say the result is totally unexpected and gives me a near heart attack each time I experience it.

  • This is absolutely a Critical bug in VersionOne.

    Destructive changes should never take a single keypress/click -- they should always be confirmed first.

    On top of that, the CTRL+Z behaviour is both unexpected and inconsistent: sometimes it works like it does in any other text box in a browser/app/etc, and othertimes it silently reverts all changes and destroys (sometimes a significant amount of) work. I'd prefer this shortcut is removed, just let the browser handle CTRL+Z itself. Revert should be in the drop-down "Edit" button, and show a confirmation that it's about to destroy changes and can't be undone.