We were very happy to see that Upstream and Downstream dependencies can now be assigned between Portfolio items as of the Fall 2017 release, HOWEVER, this is currently restricted to items within the same planning level.

For Work Items, I can set a dependency to any other work item in any planning level. The same should be true for Portfolio item dependencies.


  • +1

  • Just to add a use case, we should be able to set up an upstream Enabler Feature to cover architectural runway enhancements to be carried out during a particular release to support development that will take place in subsequent releases.

  • 100% agree and had actually just submitted an incident as I assumed this was a bug given you can do it already for Stories. A colleague just let me know about this idea. We have our project-levels setup by Program Increment by Train so when teams have dependent features or enablers, they're sitting in different project-levels much of the time.

  • FYI, just heard back from support that this was confirmed as a defect, no exact ETA but will be fixed!

  • Heard back from support again, you can actually do this by using the Filter first and filtering on the project-level and then finding the Feature from another level you want to link to.

  • Confirmed that the above works. @Kel K. Thanks

  • As noted above, this is supported