One basic main metric of Kanban is Cycle Time.
If we want to work on Continuous improvement, it will be helpfull to have the cycle time for each user story or defect. "The icing on the cake" will be to have the detail of the time for each status.
Today it is very tricky to calculate this cycle time with analytics and it depends from status configuration (by projet or by team).
This calculation can be placed in User Story Panel or in reports part.


  • Just to clarify, what do you mean by "cycle time" in this request? Are you referring to Lead Time, or some subset of it, like building Cycle Time for in-progress status values?

    I agree having start date/time, end date/time, and duration in status for every workflow status is valuable. To be more useful we would need associated reporting to include:

    - Average of Lead Time, over time
    - Histogram (frequency distribution) of Lead Time, for a time range
    - Average of selected status values Cycle Time, over time (not just the one point value provided today in reporting)
    - Histogram (frequency distribution) of selected Cycle Time
    - Ability to set thresholds so that outliers may be excluded
    - Control chart of Average Lead Time
    - Ability to drill into specific assets (port items, stories, defects) from the reports to explore issues

    Thanks for the opportunity to suggest improvements to the product.

  • Would be very helpful to have cycle time for backlog items by create date to closure date, and to be able to select by the status of the backlog item. This needs to include in the calculation splits.

  • with the new cycle time definition capability in Team|Process, it seems this would be a great win for many users.


  • Have been trying to figure out a way to report on this now for a few days. While VersionOne is able to produce an average cycle time, it is difficult/tedious to determine which story is idling. While the storyboard has thresholds you can set per status based on days, this doesn't take into consideration the size of the effort, so a 13pt story and 1pt story would be held to the same threshold.

  • +1 - A report with links to work item(s) with above average cycle times would be great. If this exists, please advise.

  • +1 We are using a manual approach to capturing the individual item's cycle time (writing it in a conversation when closing it) but once you close it, that information is not visible. So when having a retrospective a few weeks later, we can refer to this value - but it would be useful to have it more easily available.

  • +1 Just as important is Workitem Age. A cycle time only exists when the workitem moves out of the defined cycle. I know we can select a Cycle Time Threshold when setting a team process, but you can't export the data.