If filter settings could be specified in the URL like projects can be specified - Scope.Name='Technology+Components', then queries could be shared by just sending around URLs.



  • I'd expand the scope of this to ask that any view you are looking at should have a bookmarkable URL so team member can share what they are looking at.

  • Yes, definitely! We have multiple teams, and I'd like to bookmark the Taskboards for each one (for example).

  • This is indeed a very important feature to have. It will avoid the tedious job of applying the same set of filter multiple times and by multiple users.

  • We have multiple teams situated in different geographical locations. Having this feature will help to be in sync.

  • This feature would help us a lot.

  • Having a feature like this would be very useful to access the required info with out any extra work. It can also help the other team members to be in sync.Publishing URL is a way forward.

  • This is a feature which will help us in sharing the url's with others. I think this feature will help us a lot.

  • This is one of the must to have features considering the global presence of teams. This will make life easier to share the filtered result and to bookmark the same.

  • This feature will make life easier for all of us - enabling us to share saved filters across teammates for collaborative work.

  • We have a lot of users asking for this feature in our company. It is something they find very useful and something that they can't understand why it is not already implemented in VersionOne.

  • We would really like to have this feature supported, it is very time consuming to have to explain the search parameters to someone else and guarantee the same results.

  • Agree, very much needed feature!