Similar to how Epics and Features function. This aligns with the SAFe framework's Program and Solution Objectives

The Release Train Engineer summarizes the team objectives into the program PI objectives in a format suitable for management communication.

This is the top level of PI objectives in SAFe, and they communicate to stakeholders what the value stream as a whole will deliver in the upcoming PI. Figure 1 (above) illustrates this aggregation from team to program to solution PI objectives. It is important to note that only team PI objectives have business value attached to them. This value is not rolled up to the other levels. When calculating the predictability measure for programs and Solution Trains, the predictability metric itself is rolled up to determine predictability at a higher level.


  • We are currently dealing with this gap manually, and it is clumsy and very manual. It would be nice to have a hierarchy of "Team objectives" and "Program/PI Objectives" - Or at least a way to link them with a parent/child relationship.

  • Having a hierarchy of objectives (team, then each planning level) would be great and aligns with SAFe.