Similar to how Epics and Features function. This aligns with the SAFe framework's Program and Solution Objectives

The Release Train Engineer summarizes the team objectives into the program PI objectives in a format suitable for management communication.

This is the top level of PI objectives in SAFe, and they communicate to stakeholders what the value stream as a whole will deliver in the upcoming PI. Figure 1 (above) illustrates this aggregation from team to program to solution PI objectives. It is important to note that only team PI objectives have business value attached to them. This value is not rolled up to the other levels. When calculating the predictability measure for programs and Solution Trains, the predictability metric itself is rolled up to determine predictability at a higher level.


  • We are currently dealing with this gap manually, and it is clumsy and very manual. It would be nice to have a hierarchy of "Team objectives" and "Program/PI Objectives" - Or at least a way to link them with a parent/child relationship.

  • Having a hierarchy of objectives (team, then each planning level) would be great and aligns with SAFe.

  • The Objective help doc specifically says, "The SAFe approach, which uses the term objectives, calls for objectives to first be defined at the team level within a program increment (PI) and then rolled up across teams to specify PI-level objectives."
    I would expect to be able to "roll-up" team objectives to be able to see objective progress across teams throughout the PI.

    referenced help doc here:

  • Hi Holly, at the time, while not hierarchical, the idea was to view them at the PI planning level which would show the team objectives. This could be enhanced with our intelligence offering in Agility Premium potentially. As we consider enhancements, if objectives/goals are under consideration hierarchy would be heavily considered as an update.

  • I would like a way to group objectives together across teams that have to work together to complete an objective. Like I would like to complete capability ABC and I have 3 teams that have objectives related to capability ABC. If I have a team that pushes out work related to that capability I want to be able to see that rolled up to a program objective. For both visibility to leadership and visibility to other teams.

  • Holly, thanks for the followup response, we have a bit of internal research going on around a feature we will be delivering in 2023. I think this topic aligns well with this idea. Our research will likely reach out. Have a great weekend!

  • I am trying to accomplish the same thing as Holly. I think what could easily implement is a hierarchy of Objectives that could be linked in a Parent-Child relationship.

    Similar to the structure of Portfolio items (Delivery > Epic > Capability > Feature), a Type field should be created for Objectives. I suggest three types to align with SAFe: Solution, Program, and Team.

    The Solution Objective would be parent of the Program Objective and the Program Objective would be parent of the Team Objective (hierarchy: Solution > Program > Team). The Type should be something that could be configured to displayed in the list view of Objectives, and filtering by type should be allowed.

    Since this request leverages existing technology that is used with Portfolio items, it should be relatively simple to implement.

    I also think there should be a tagging option for Objectives, but I suppose that is a separate, simple request. :)